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Why Photography?

Sarah Beal

Why did I pursue a career in photography? The simplest answer is that I have always enjoyed pictures and photographs. When I was younger my dad had a camera and would take pictures as a hobby. He would do the typical vacation photos and holiday pictures, but he also had an artistic side. He liked looking at things from unique perspectives and angles that were challenging to shoot. There were always pictures framed all over our house, and on a wall in our kitchen he hung a photo from a hot air balloon festival we attended. There were great photos of the crazy shaped balloons like a shoe or soda cans, but he also captured the fire used to inflate the balloons. Somehow he got an angle from inside the passenger basket looking up the inside. Another wall in our house was filled with photos of fireworks exploded to their fullest (and remember back then it was film, and not done digitally, so you never knew if you actually captured the moment when your finger pressed the button on the camera). Most impressive though, were his photographs of lightning. He would stand out on the back porch as a storm was approaching and play the guessing game with Mother Nature trying to get the shot as just the right moment…and he often did!

Because of this influence at home, I took tons of photos on my point and shoot, scrapbooking all the chapters in my life along the way. I didn’t seriously pick up a camera until I was out of college, but when I met my husband in 2010  he really encouraged me to finally take it one step further and pursue photography as a career. From then on I began to take photography more seriously. Since that time, I have had the privilege of doing countless photoshoots for families, new arrivals, engagements, reunions, performances, and professionals all over the North Texas area. I’ve also been blessed to attend several Scott Kelby conferences and to spend much of my free time studying and pursuing my craft. 

Photography can be challenging at times, as most jobs are, but I truly love capturing memories. I am thankful and blessed to be invited to share in the special moments in peoples’ lives so often, I hope that I’ll have the opportunity to help you capture your important moments too!