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It's the little moments that make life big!

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About Sarah Beal Photography

Sarah Beal Photography was established in 2011 in Garland, TX, and we've been busy capturing life's little moments ever since. In 2013 we moved to Sachse, TX, but we still call Dallas-Ft. Worth our backyard. We primarily work in Sachse, Wylie, Rowlett, and Garland, but we're always up for travelling to that special location you have picked out. Whether you're after an intimate family photo shoot, a formal team portrait, or documentation of a large stage production, Sarah Beal Photography has you covered.


About Our Photography

Each moment in life, whether large or small, is packed with emotion and meaning. Sarah Beal Photography specializes in producing authentic portraiture in the field and studio, and dramatic dynamic shots on stage. Our passion is using photography to highlight all the depth and joy that life has to offer, and we hope our work will put a smile on your face for years to come.

Don't miss out on an opportunity to preserve even a handful of life's moments in the lives of your loved ones, students, or athletes. Contact us today!


About Sarah

Sarah holds a bachelors of fine arts in dance performance and has had a life long passion for the arts. She naturally found herself drawn to photography at an early age, and in 2011 she decided to take the leap and established Sarah Beal Photography. Sarah loves exploring new angles and compositions with her subjects, and she always looks for opportunities to bring bright, exuberant colors into her pictures. Sarah's aim is to bring out the joy and celebration woven into each moment God has given us, and in so doing, to help both her subjects and herself appreciate life that much more.